About us

Our family bakery tradition goes back at least six generations. Our grandfather learned the baking profession from his family in Terneuzen (Netherlands), and then started his own bakery. To this day, we are still an independent family business.

Biscuits and profiteroles are meant to be enjoyed, so our most important goal is simple: great taste. This is actually surprisingly easy to achieve: give a professional a good recipe, the necessary time and space, and make sure you give him good ingredients. Add a little love and passion for our product, and you’ll see what we do, every single day. We make no concessions when it comes to doing what is necessary to get that great taste!

In our modern bakery we produce over 100 different cookies and profiteroles. They are packaged in distinctive packaging solutions, servicing both bulk-use customers and consumers. We have our own brand and produce private labels as well. 

Our products may be found in speciality food shops, supermarkets and in foodservice.