Highlights in more than 75 years of Banketbakkerij van Strien:

1938 Our grandfather, Ko van Strien, acquires bread and pastry bakery with one store in Cillaarshoek (Maasdam-Strijen).
1958 Ko’s oldest son, Piet van Strien, joins the business. Later he takes over the business from his father, together with his wife, Ineke van Elderen.
1998 Jaques and Arjan van Strien take over the management of the bakery.
1999 Van Strien closes down the old bakery/shop (established in 1880) and moves to the newly built premises in Oud-Beijerland.
2006 Expanded bakery (4,200 m2 total) put into operation.
2008 Jaques van Strien acquires 100% of the shares.

2011 Introduction new bulk-use packaging with oven-fresh guarantee.